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e-Therapy & Consultation

Online Consultation

Gifted Identity℠ offers online consultation to parents, schools, teachers, and other professionals (including licensed mental health professionals). Consultation sessions focus on traits and challenges related to giftedness. Online consultation is not treatment for mental illness or other mental health concerns.

E-Therapy and Video Conferencing

E-Therapy, also called online counseling, telementalhealth, or distance therapy, is a way to offer counseling services via the internet. E-therapy offers similar benefits as in-office, in-person counseling, yet it allows for easy access to our services from the comfort of your home or office. Consultation services are also offered via video conferencing. At this time, Gifted Identity℠ can offer e-Therapy only to California residents.


Easy Access To Services

An in-office, in-person encounter is usually preferred for counseling or consultation meetings, however online services are offered for those who specifically seek therapeutic support, but are unable to access Dr. Grace Malonai's office at TheraThrive in Lafayette, CA. Online counseling and consultation can also supplement in-office, in-person meetings for individuals or couples who are unable to commute to Dr. Grace Malonai's Lafayette office on a regular basis, but desire ongoing support.


Private and Secure

Dr. Grace Malonai offers live, secure (confidential and private) online video, voice conferencing, and telephone counseling and consultation. Family members who are not in the same location can join sessions via group online video conferencing or conference calls.


Equipment Needed For Online Counseling or Consultation

  • A computer in a private area (for your own privacy at your home)
  • Internet access
  • Microphone (attached or connected to your electronic device, laptop or computer)
  • Webcam (a video camera attached or connected to your electronic device, laptop or computer monitor)


E-Therapy Is For California Residents

Dr. Grace Malonai is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC169) in the state of California, and her online counseling services are offered to California residents only. There may be some circumstances where consultation can be offered outside the state of California, and if you live in another state, please contact Dr. Grace Malonai for further information.


How To Get Started

  • Call 925-954-6229 or complete the Contact Form
  • Schedule an initial consultation or your first appointment
  • Once we schedule an appointment, you will receive all necessary forms and policies via email, fax or mail (your choice)
  • Please complete and return all necessary forms and payment prior to our first online meeting. Instructions will be included with all documents.


e-Therapy Rates

  • Initial 20 minute consultation: free of charge
  • 50 minute session: $229 

Your Privacy

Any content can be explored via e-Therapy, however online counseling or consultation is not appropriate for those experiencing suicidal thoughts or who are suffering from a major mental illness.

Your confidentiality and privacy are important to us, and we do our very best to ensure it.  We request that you also maintain your own confidentiality, and ask you to conduct your online counseling or consultation sessions in a private area, and to please understand that it is impossible for us to predetermine the level of privacy at your location.