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Posted by on Dec 28, 2013 in Blog, Sharon | 0 comments

No Owner’s Manual for Parents

No Owner’s Manual for Parents

To some parents this is just cute picture, but to others, it is a snapshot of reality.

No child comes with an owner’s manual, but usually parents are able to seek advice or swap experiences with other parents when they need it. But what do you do when other parents are unable to relate to the questions or concerns you have about your children? For a variety of reasons, parents of gifted children learn quickly to be careful in what they reveal about their children and to whom. It is not unusual that as parents see their children doing things other kids their age cannot, or try to help them with problems at school or with peers, that they begin to reflect back on their own childhood experiences and recognize the similarities between themselves and their own precocious children’s accomplishments, struggles and feelings. Giftedness is not only a 24×7 experience it is lifetime one as well, but who better to help these wonderful children on their journey through gifted-land than their own parents who can so often relate.